Vodafone Healthline Exposes Secrets of Hangovers

Vodafone Healthline

Individuals who suffer from the effects of hangovers could now breathe a sigh of relief as the panel of doctors on Vodafone Healthline educates them on simple steps they could follow to ease the symptoms.

The fourth episode of healthline will see the panel of doctors educating viewers on how simple activities like drinking water, eating fruits that were high in potassium, drinking a glass of milk, drinking tomato juice, among others could fight a hangover and help victims to overcome them.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Saturday said viewers would be taken through practical step-by-step approaches in the ‘Treatment Room’ on how they could on their own, cure or abate a hangover.

A hangover is the body’s reaction to drinking too much alcohol than the liver could process, which results in an increase in the amount of sugar the body needed to survive. It produces toxic chemicals in the body that generally could be discomforting to sufferers. Hangovers had been found to be one of the conditions that affect the liver in adverse ways if not treated, or managed.

Dr Bryite Asamoah, a panel doctor of the programme revealed how drinking tomato juice, for example, could stop a victim’s crave for alcohol and cure a hangover.

“What happens when you take a lot of alcohol is that, it increases the acid content in your stomach and makes the hangover worse. So you can just take a glass of milk which acts as an antacid and neutralises the acid in your stomach,” he said.

This week’s episode on the various television networks also highlights the touching story of Rita Acheampong, a 27 year old lady from Koforidua with a tumor in her jaw bone which has been growing for the past five (5) years, causing her immeasurable pain.

Rita was transferred from Koforidua to Ridge Hospital in Accra as a result of excessive bleeding; therefore she needed surgery to remove the debilitating tumor, but could not afford it.

Vodafone came to aid of Rita and paid for her surgery. Rita is now in good health, with totally tumor-free.

Vodafone Healthline airs on Sundays on TV3 at 5.00pm, GTV at 8.30pm, eTV and Top TV at 8.00pm; it is then repeated on Wednesdays on Metro TV and Crystal TV at 8.30pm. GNA

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