Shops Close To Protest Government Policies

TRADERS AT Abbosey Okai in Accra closed their shops on Tuesday to protest against what they termed bad government policies that are affecting their businesses.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) called the closure of shops for four days to demand government immediate action on the difficulties of members, including foreigners in retail trade.

Mr. Atta Annin, a spare parts dealer, told the GNA that the government had imposed taxes on their goods, making it difficult for them to operate.

He said the government had ignored the traders’ grievances and this had led to the four -day closure of their shops to demonstrate how the issue was affecting their business.

Mr. Kofi Ampadu, an electrical dealer, said GUTA informed traders on the directive with regard to the closure of shops a month ago.

He complained that foreigners, specifically Chinese and Lebanese, had taken over their businesses most of whom do not have work permit, adding that “they involve themselves in retail trading”.

Mr. Ampadu said traders would lose income through the directive; however there was a need to embark on the exercise.
Madam Gloria Sarfo, a dealer in used clothing, said the depreciation of the Cedi was among the factors affecting her business.

She, therefore, appealed to the government to review its policies to favour traders who import goods and products into the country.

Mr. Joseph Padi, Public Relation Officer of GUTA, he said the Association was protesting not against the government but its policies.

He said the activities of some foreigners had collapsed the Ghanaian businesses and there was a need to address it.
Mr. Padi said foreigners who had licenses to do retail trading were acting contrary to the GIPC law, adding that foreigners had the license to manufacture.

He said traders would lose money because of the strike, adding that “it is better to lose today: and gain tomorrow”.



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