Scrutinize EC List To Supreme Court – Lawyer

A LEGAL practitioner, Lawyer Gary Nimako Marfo has cautioned Supreme Court judges and political parties to scrutinize the list of voters to be presented by the Electoral Commission (EC) as persons who registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards.

The Supreme Court ordered the EC to furnish it with the full list of persons who registered with the NHIS cards as a form of identification, in six days.

According to the five panel of judges, this will help the court bring clarity on its May 5, 2016 judgement, regarding the removal of unqualified persons on the voters register to a closure.

They further ordered that the Electoral Commission to provide them with a detailed plan on how they were going to carry out the deletion and re-registration of the people, who registered with the NHIS cards.

The SC gave the ruling after former People’s National Convention (PNC) Youth Organizer, Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako went back to court to seek clarity regarding the removal of unqualified persons on the voters register.

But the Lawyer commenting on this ruling on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ Friday, said there was the need for both the judges and the political parties to scrutinize the list to be presented by the EC very well.

“I’m just sending a clear signal to them to be wide awake and be vigilant so that when the list is brought, they would be able to scrutinize the list very well and contact the people constituency by constituency and check if indeed they registered with the NHIS cards…,” he said.

He said vigilance was key to winning the elections and that is what must be applied in this year’s elections.

Charlotte Osei“Every party must be vigilant, they need to work hard to win votes and not just win on a silver platter…,” he added.

Lawyer Nimako Marfo added that, the Supreme Court was forced to come out clearly on its initial rulings due largely to the numerous misinterpretations giving to their rulings.

“The court cannot sit idle and watch the EC act arbitrarily…Amadu Sule told Parliament that the EC is waiting for exhibition time to clean the register but what if the NHIS card registrants do not come…it is clear that people hardly come to check their names during exhibition,” he said.

He added that the petitioners would accept the final ruling of the Supreme Court.

He also commended the Supreme Court for stating that it would sit on 30th June, 2016, a holiday for the courts.

“The petition is of national importance hence the judges sacrificing their holiday to come and sit on the matter and I think we should commend the Supreme Court for that because it is seeking to bring a finality to this matter…,” he said.


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