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Ladies & Gentlemen of the press Good morning Fellow Country Men, the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) in the midst of the current precarious economic situation considers the continuous stay in office by the President of the Republic of Ghana as an anomaly and untenable. Without a shred of doubt, it can be said that, the inability of the President to absolve himself from various corruption charges leveled against him, has led to the moral break down under his governance. Indeed, it is obvious that the President has been overwhelmed by the high tide of corruption rocking his government.

Ladies & gentlemen, eventually the Mills-Mahama/Mahama-Amissah Arthur administrations have sent this country into an abyss. Ghanaians are currently living in a state of hopelessness all related to the greed of NDC men, hijack of governance by party apparatchiks and hiring of mostly bereft, incompetent, and greedy appointees. Additionally, these failed administrations under their tenure have supervised very expensive and highly inflated cost of contracts, inefficiencies in governmental operations and the unconscionable misuse and abuse of state resources.

Country men, these visionless NDC governments without respect to the views of opposition parties, civil societies, the clergy and other respectable bodies in the country have gone ahead to do the unthinkable. Thus, after misapplying state resources and looting of state coffers, the President has succeeded in plunging the economy into a mess and subjecting the good people of this country to such great ridicule. Certainly, Mr. President, you did not heed to AFAG’s advice in 2012 that, “our demonstrations has become necessary, because we can’t sit aloof to see to the wanton dissipation of our scarce financial resources, as this continues to weaken our state institutions”. Here we are after 2 years with collapsing judiciary, parliament and MDAs on account of NO money.


Only a handful of governmental appointees can boast of clean hands. It’s sad the crave for public resources by such merciless governmental appointees; have sent the majority of Ghanaians today into mass hardship. Cheap talk and easy go promises is the hallmark of the President. The President and his party’s hands are soiled paving way to mass patronage. Till date, the president and the NDC can’t provide explanation to two important allegations which has become the bedrock of abuse and misuse of state resources:

The John Mahama Scandal:

It remains magical how an Umbraer jet which was meant to cost $28.5 million after John Mahama’s led negotiations was purchased at an astonishing sum of $88million(The configuration of the airplane included an extra fuel tank costing $8 million; air staircase costing $1 million and in-flight entertainment of $1.4 million. It is however ridiculous to think that $17million was earmarked to build a hangar to house the airplane. Mr. President ‘the plane dey be keke’). Mr. President, your inability to purge yourself off this vicious allegations to name a few, has probably broken down the so called moral high ground set by your party founder leading to all time mass looting of public money.


According to daily guide publication of Monday the 23rd of June, the NDC has now accepted ownership of the $20million “ghost owned” ultra-modern edifice as their party office. Why were they denying the allegation of ownership made by AFAG in December 2011?? Is it not a mockery of justice and a glorifying precedence for, free for all corruption and kickback escapading?


Among others, the Mills-John Mahama led government was interested and insistent in settling non-existent debts to largely cronies of the NDC government as opposed to providing for the welfare of Ghanaians. If this is not true, why has the government refused to retrieve the 22 million Euro payment to Waterville in the popular “create, loot & share” judgment by Justice Dotse. This behavior of government gives meaning to wasteful expenditure.


Because of greed and politics of patronage, a useful program for the youth is in the dust, with over 400 million Ghana cedis yet to be accounted for.


In the midst of economic servitude the NPA is renting an office apartment for over $60,000 per month, of which one year’s advance has been paid at a whooping amount of $720,000. Be it as it may, government in spite of Crown Agents due diligence advised that, the Ridge hospital could be built at a cost of US$162 million yet is having to do it at over US$305million? Where from the additional US$142million?? This leaves Ridge hospital to be the most expensive hospital in the world. This is inimical to the economy.


For the first time under a sitting president we have had to sell a largely owned state bank controversially against logic. The controversy has been sparked by the conflict of interest surrounding the sale. Notably was a huge debt linked to the president’s brother that had crippled the bank and a petition sent to the president by his lawyer Tony Lithur (also a lawyer for Engineers & Planners) on behalf of Fortiz Equity Bank. The mystery surrounding this ‘Rambo’ styled sale confirms the belief by many that, the President is harbouring NDC looters of the national treasury. Hence the Bank sale to provide safekeeping for these criminals. This decision is a major setback to the fight against corruption and also inimical to Ghana’s economy.


Mr. President the bad practices of your government have led to the failure of your economic policies. According to basic economic principles, if you wage a war against market forces “you” will fail. The decision to forcefully intervene in the market coupled with the excessive craves by you and your cronies for public resources have led to the dead economy.


Mr. President, was it not a deliberate policy by the NDC to run down the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to allow your party men and allies to take hold of oil supplies? All over the world oil producers and supplies acts as cartels. AFAG is not surprised government has been taken hostage on an issue which could have been averted if TOR was working. For now the BDCs have a case against government and government must be responsible for running down the economy. It is untenable and very inimical to experience for the first time in over 15 years fuel shortage. AFAG and the good voices for this country have been vindicated. We stand for truth and it will remain so. Regardless of this situation, it makes no sense under the current economic circumstances to increase fuel prices. Mr. President you must be responsible for your actions and inactions. If you stand by and sow a seed of corruption you will reap macroeconomic instability. Ghanaians should not be responsible for your ineptitude. Deal with it and fix it.

Mr. President in the midst of this mass suffrage it makes no sense to increase utilities as you harbor the intention. Although you are on your knees at the IMF, their conditionality’s will not work. We are aware of your government’s quest to implement the harsh economic policies of the IMF. Capping fuel subsidies to GHC 500 million in a year with a gradual introduction of a monthly fuel price adjustment starting with 20% in July. Additionally, support to the utility providers will not exceed GHC180 million for the year. This is triggering utility increases next week in the midst of inadequate supplies.


Mr. President, worst of it all is your quest to implement the 17.5% bank VAT. The timing is wrong. Under the current economic circumstances no bank will admit these taxes without transmitting it to the public. It makes no sense for it to be implemented. Further restrictions on the banks are not the way to go. For sure this policy will back fire in the same way as your forex restrictions on the banks have failed. It will only succeed in worsening the plight of the already financially bedridden Ghanaian. AFAG is opposed to the implementation. We consider this decision as also inimical to the economy. AFAG is opposed to the trick of suspending it and introducing it later when the storms over it calm down.


Mr. President it is clear that the massive corruption under the Mills-Mahama/ Mahama-Arthur Amissah administration coupled with your indecision and lack of understanding of economic management have brought the economy to such great ridicule leading to insecurity everywhere.

These actions are inimical to the economy In this regard; AFAG is calling on you to resign from post. Mr. President you will save this country a great deal to resign. In this difficult moment, it’s not a show of muscle it’s an appeal to your conscience. You have failed Ghanaians woefully.


Mr. President failure to resign within the next 3 months, AFAG will consider;

(A) Petitioning the leadership of parliament to consider invoking article 69 1b (ii) which states that:

(1) The President shall be removed from office if he is found, in accordance with the provisions of this article (b) to have conducted himself in a manner (ii) prejudicial or inimical to the economy or the security of the State


AFAG will not hesitate if the need be to petition NDC’s 2nd highest decision body to consider saving Ghana by breaking any such convention that allows the president to run automatically as a flag bearer. Be it as it may, and as participatory as the NDC has been to development of this mess, certainly there are some clean hands there who can better manage the economy. In this regard if we resort to this action, we shall request for a change of flag bearer.


AFAG hold and support all mass movements, which can draw sufficient attention to the international community to consider piling sufficient pressure on the president to resign. Enough is enough.

This is the most challenging period of our generation, with no jobs and no hope, piling on debts, and massive corruption.

In conclusion Fellow Ghanaians, the time is now for us to stand up and be counted. It is our God given responsibility to rise up to the occasion. We must seek our hope and fight for our right. The Onus is on all of us; young and old, individuals and groups, rich and poor, unemployed and businessmen to support the cause of change. For the first time in the democratic history of this country we must set a great precedence for posterity by calling on the president to RESIGN.



Born on 25th February 1964 in Accra, Ghana, and holds a Diploma in Journalism

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