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IN THE LAST edition, I indicated that whilst Gas or GaDangmes for that matter may be Jews, they left behind certain spiritual and cultural values inherent in Jewfish heritage and hence their current plight as Ghana’s most disadvantaged ethnic minority group.

Jews, I stressed, believe in one God and love for brother and sister as spelt out in the First and Second Commandments:  “thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thine soul, and with all thine might and: “Thou shalt love they neighbor (brother) as thyself”.

That sense of fellow feeling reflected in the directive from God to each of the twelve tribes to assist the others in fighting for lands in settling their families, who have been wanderers in the wilderness after the Exodus.

That spirit was alive until the first generation of GaDanmges settled down under the leadership primarily of Nungua generals. Some others may have different views about the leadership role of Nungua, but that is another issue and debate that may interest others.

As far as Nuumo Sisabi is concerned, the problem or, rather iniquity, of the multiplicity of gods that later characterized the spiritual life of our ancestors is the cause of our woes as a nation and State. Today, in all the GaDangme communities, what we have as a people are individual, clan and individual State gods administered by our spiritual high priests called Wulomεi.

Idolatry breeds sin and immorality and that in consequence breeds defeat and lack of development. And since spiritual growth is matched by physical prosperity, our declension in spirituality was to lead to erosion of our cultural values and as a result of that, our moral and socio-economic values – till the leading role we occupied in Ghana as pioneers in business, academia and careers in civil and military life dwindled.

Isn’t it significant that whilst the rest of the tribes lead in terms of positions in the Christian community in Ghana, GaDanmges and their cousins in Volta Region are always found lagging behind, even though the headquarters of such churches or denominations are in Accra?

I am waxing spiritual only because GaDangmes claim Jewish heritage. If we didn’t know, the facts are clear today that about one quarter of the cash in vaults today in banks across the world belong to the Jews. Why? Simply because they were taught early in life by Yahweh (The Almighty God) to learn to be their brothers keeper, and they have since dutifully and religiously stuck to those values.

We forgot long ago the way  those values and have since been paying the price for remaining united only in voice and words and NOT in action and deeds.

Today, land guards from one indigenous Ga State are fighting land guards from sister communities over land-with no mediator in sight or restraining voice like Moses did when he saw a Jew fighting a Jew.  It would not be surprising if that Moses should arise today only to be told by some of us: WHO MADE THEE A JUDGE AND RULER OVER US?  The only hope GaDangmes have today could be in a future Messiah who would arise and by political fiat return all GaDangme lands wrongfully appropriated and put in place fresh polices to protect them, initiate programmes to make them economically viable for ages to come and also make the Family Accountability Law promulgated under the PNDC to work.

I, Nuumo Sisabi am not an adherent of the PNDC. However, in the name of God, I love the Family Accountability Law. Apart from the Messiah that may come or may not come, what we shall need is a revolutionary implementation or interpretation of that law to restore our lost fortunes and heritage.

But again, what is the point if we can recover some or all of our lands just for another batch of retrograde traditionalists to hijack them for selfish, private and personal use.


Born on 25th February 1964 in Accra, Ghana, and holds a Diploma in Journalism

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