NDC, EC Plans to Rig Election 2012 – NPP Official

Electoral Commissioner, Afari Djan

THE OPPOSITION New Patriotic Party (NPP) has stated that the exclusion of Journalists in the early voting to enable them cover the voting process on December 7 is an orchestration of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Electoral Commission (EC) to rig the general elections .

Speaking to Wojaku on condition of anonymity, the hard-talking NPP Constituency executive member in the Greater Accra said the EC is in bed with the NDC as far as the December 7 polls is concern and the deliberate exclusion of journalists is to prevent them from showing to the outside world the dark side of the ruling government.

“The whole issue about the exclusion of Journalists from the usual early voting with the security services is to cover-up their diabolical deeds on the day of election so that the outside world would not see their (NDC) darker side,” he lamented.

Justifying the “All-die-be-die” mantra, the NPP fanatic said the decision to exclude the journalists from the early voting is also a clear manifestation of the fear of the NPP and its subsequent call on its members to be extra vigilant on election day.

“You see, the NDC is planning to use the ‘Special Forces’ to intimidate voters and rig the election. They intend to unleash terror on the people of Ghana, especially, in NPP strongholds. This is why they, that is the NDC and the EC, don’t want you people (journalists) to vote with the security services and bring every occurrence to the full glare of the general public and the outside world on election day.

“That is how evil and diabolical the NDC can be…and it is unfortunate that the EC is flirting with them to unleash whatever mayhem they have planned on the citizenry…but Allah is Great and will make them reap the fruits of their labour,” he concluded.

A Constitutional Instrument (CI) 72 which was ‘bulldozed’ into law by the EC with full support by the ruling government creating 45 new constituencies also bars journalists and other voluntary observers from taking part in the early or special voting arrangements carried out over the years.  The arrangement was to enable journalists cover elections from starting till results are declared by the EC.

According to observers, the arrangement is very commendable as it poses some form of deterrent to would-be perpetuators of election malpractices and only those who are afraid of eminent defeat would see it as a threat to its victory in the coming elections.

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) had wanted Parliament to reconvene to amend the law after petitioning the EC over the matter. However, the minority leader has reiterated that even if Parliament reconvenes, it would not be possible to meet the 21-day maturity period hence nothing could be done about the situation.

“It is too late for the law to be amended…Parliament cannot do anything about it and even if the sponsoring authority; the EC should come with a revised CI amending that portion which would allow the journalists voting early, it would require a 21 sitting day process and we don’t have that 21 sitting days,” said minority leader, Osei-Kyei-Mensah Bonsu in an interview with XYZ News.

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