Make Farming A Tradition – Dangme Youth Told

THE DANGME WEST District 2010 Farmers’ Award Winner, Mr. Lemuel Quarshie has advised the youth to go into farming and to make it a tradition.

He said, “coating and seating under air conditioned offices would not solve the cry of poverty neither would it put money into the pockets of the numerous University graduates who roam about in search of white colour job, nut would rather draw back the state of the country’s economy.

“Though a farmer, I am well educated with certificate in Human Resource Management, an area of knowledge I acquired from University which is now serving as a support to efficient farm management,” he indicated.

The Award Winner who was speaking to Wojaku in an exclusive interview last Tuesday said he got into farming at a tender age when his mother, who was the bread winner of the family, took farming as her financial resource base.

According to him, it was through this profession that his mother was able to look after him and his siblings and make them what they are today.

“I desire farming because I was born and trained in it.” He confessed.

Touching on post harvest losses which he explained was a deterrent to the youth, he said, “The youth could be convinced into farming by putting in place good marketing mechanisms whereby products from the farm would not go waste as we can observe in our rural areas today”.

“Youth of today want quick money and would not afford to work for a longer period of time on the farm later to put the produce  he or she  has toiled for on the market and be destroyed for lack ready market,” he explained.

Mr. Quarshie expresses his worry at the rate at which farm lands are being sold in the Ga-Adamge enclave and the proceeds being used from hand-to-mouth without proper arrangement for the up-and-coming generations in the area.

He stressed on the need to protect and preserve farm lands in the country to enable the chunk of the youth who would take to farming have lands available for the trade.

He again charged the government to invest into farming, especially, in remote rural areas to keep the youth from migrating to the city for greener pastures.

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