Kpone Baweleshie Grieves Over Centenarian Chief’s Death

THE PEOPLE of Kpone-Baweleshie in the Greater-Accra Region, are mourning their chief, Nene Nartey Kanor the second, who ruled the settlement for 57 years.

The chief, who was both hunter and farmer, died at an advanced aged of 101 years, and is credited for supervising the town’s transition from an outlandish rural settlement to an open, well planned and prosperous modern town.

In a chat with the Ghana News Agency, Nii Narh Okunor, chairman of the Interim Ruling Committee of the town, said it was during his reign that all the ” schools, churches, potable water, electricity and all the amenities you see here came into being.”

“He was eloquent, wise, brave and visionary. He was also the longest-serving chief in the Greater-Accra Region, who was well known for justice and reconciliation”

Nii Okunor said the Kpone Tradition Area owes its peace and harmony to his negotiation skills and love for humanity.

“For 15 years, there was a dispute over succession to the Kpone Stool, but through the pleadings of Nene and his son, Nii Okunor, the case was withdrawn from the court, and amicably settled by the Greater-Accra Regional House of Chiefs in Dodowa. There is now peace in our land.”

According to him, the week-long celebration of his life would be climaxed on Saturday with the final funeral rites and burial to be followed by a thanks-giving church service on Sunday.

Government and the various political parties have donated various items, and an undisclosed amount of monies to the people towards the organization of the funeral.

Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, Greater Accra Regional Minister, had led a delegation to present a bull and other items.



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