Ga Mashie, Yendi & Other Chieftaincy Rumpus – MONEY & POLITICS….are remote causes

-Greater Accra’s Oldest Chief

A TRADITIONAL RULER believed to be the oldest reigning chief in the Greater Accra region have stated that the Ga Mashie chieftaincy rumpus and all the other chieftaincy problems in the country including the protracted Yendi skin affairs and murder of the Ya-na have a common denominator – Money and Politics.

He has therefore pleaded with his fellow traditional authorities not to allow money and political influence to take precedence over traditional practices and procedures.

Nene Narteh Kanor II, Chief of Kpone Bawaleshie and a senior divisional chief of the Kpone Traditional Council in an exclusive interview with Wojaku at his palace said, “our brothers and sisters in Ga Mashie are unfortunately allowing money and politics to divide them”.

He stated: “all the chieftaincy problems in the country including the protracted Yendi skin affairs and the murder of the Ya-na have a common denominator – Money and Politics”.

Nene Kanor II, who spoke only for a few minutes due to his advanced age, stressed that unless these two elements were removed from traditional practices, chieftaincy petitions and government endorsements would forever be aligned to the chieftaincy institution and “our heritage as a people would be in grave danger”.

As a way out of the fracas in Ga Mashie, he called on the relevant kingmakers to stand up against the few “selfish elements” to speak the truth and do what is expected of them to bring  peace and tranquility to the area. He said other traditional areas with parallel chiefs like Nungua and Tema should also be put under enquiry and the issues which divide them resolved to bring peace to the Greater Accra Region.

Nene Kanor II who was enstolled in 1956 as chief of the old village Kpone Bawaleshie celebrates his 100th birthday on July 14, 2012.

He has helped to resolve many contentious chieftaincy and land disputes over the years.

Meanwhile, the succession issue of the Ga Stool continues to occupy the center stage of GaDangme politics as the GaDangme Council continue to hop from town to town in the GaDangme enclave to tackle issues of socio-developmental concerns.

Three persons are laying claim to the Ga Stool. They are King Tackie Tawiah III known in private life as Dr. Jo Blankson who was installed in February 2007 by the Ga Traditional Council.

The second claimant to the Stool, Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II (George Tackei) was installed a couple of weeks ago courtesy skirmishes and machinations by the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte II.

Nii Tackie Oblie II, popularly called Nii Ayitey Canada is also claiming to be the legitimate occupant to the stool.

The result is a threatening situation and there is growing tension among residents of Accra as the brewing tension gradually assumes an uneasy quietness.

The youth are still at a loss as to who rules Ga Mashie and are waiting anxiously to hear official pronouncements from such institutions as the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, the Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs and the GaDangme Council.

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