THE NAME GADANGME has become an anathema, and their people an endangered species – just like the case of the Jews in centuries gone by or the communities along the Niger Delta where Shell, without checking their conscience, decided to make money.

It is true that, whilst all the people in the various communities in Ghana are uniting in finding political solutions to their economic and socio-cultural problems without any hindrance, it is only the GaDangme people – when they sneeze – like the cow – that all the rest of the animals accuse them of mooing too much…simply because they are ‘cows’.

Today, any story about GaDangme issue that pops up in the media attracts national uproar and security sensors – because there is everything smelly about land acquisition in rural Gt. Accra particularly by State officials.

Of course, our traditional rulers cannot escape blame; but what is traditional power in State controlled GaDangme in the face of State security and machinery – when all major institutions have been compromised and justice still a rare commodity – when it comes to determining owner of land in indigenous Accra of all places in the country?

The GaDangme  has suffered significantly in its proffer to develop its ethnic communities into a unique and a proud State. Matters affecting our development include the distortion of the GaDangme history since we refuse to tell our own story; damage to cultural Heritage; and the indiscriminate loss of land for both economic purposes and habitation, and of course for selfish purposes.

Others include adulteration of language to a point of near extinction, impoverishment, and failure of some Ga-Dangme chieftaincy regimes and the pathetic negligence by the Ga-Dangme youth through ignorance.

Whilst we admit that other ethnic communities face similar challenges nationwide, Wojaku is here to tell our own story by launching a dynamic media campaign for the protection, survival and socio-political development of the Ga-Dangme people by defining the level of our predicament, bringing to the fore issues pertaining to our development as an endangered people in relation to governance in Ghana.

Statutory farmlands under Dr. Kwame Nkumah have disappeared. Beaches have been desecrated and water bodies silted – all under the glare of State monitoring bodies and deadbeat GaDangme traditional rulers. As we do this piece, water bodies like the Chemu in Chorkor, the Africa Lake and the Kpeshie at La  and Sakumo at Tema respectively, which are all of huge and monumental economic and touristic value are almost dead.

For over half a century, the eyesore has persisted, with Governments coming in and going out – including those who could at least have use the benefit of State intervention to save such resources.

We will be making the mistakes of our lives, if we play the ostrich and pretend the problem would solve itself or that a people or culture can be obliterated like chaff before the wind.

Politicians, policy makers, traditional rulers, the Judiciary, Youth Associations, State agencies, the media and the religious community…. It is our duty to right the wrongs facing the GaDangme community or any other minority group in any part of the country, for that matter.

It is a headache that can, and will not go away – until we all, committed and determined put a finger to it.

That is a crusade we on the Wojaku will wage, till our bones are rotten.

We welcome all stakeholders on board.


Born on 25th February 1964 in Accra, Ghana, and holds a Diploma in Journalism

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