THE MANKRALO of Prampram Traditional Area, Nene Atsure Benta III, has called on GaDangme parents to focus much on education rather than material things and celebrations which would not bring them any benefit in their old age.

He has also appealed to the indigenes of the Prampram Traditional Area to assist improve academic status of the up-and-coming youth in the area.

Speaking to Wojaku in an exclusive interview last Wednesday at Prampram, Nene Atsure Benta III, said the traditional leaders and parents of the area are happy for Government’s assistance for the establishment of the only Senior High School in the area. He indicated that the people have longed to see higher learning institutions in the area and the manifestation of the Prampram Senior High School at Moitso which started as a private school but now Government Assisted is a dream come true.

According to him, land has been provided for expansion to be able to take majority of Junior High School (JHS) graduates in the area who might not be able to get schools of their choice outside the district.

“Parents should take the school as one of those outside Prampram Traditional area and embrace it as such and that would give them the impetus to put in their maximum effort to its sustainability,” he stressed.

He stated that if parents adhere to this idea, then the Prampram Traditional area can witness a boost in professional and academical leadership.

Furthermore, Mankralo emphasized on the need for parents to assist in getting more qualified teachers to the school since there is more room for teachers to occupy in particular subject areas.

He noted that the Dangme West District Chief Executive (DCE) is also making efforts to acquire other educational and learning logistics like computers and other relevant teaching materials to boost teaching and learning in the school.

He contended that the academic performance of the school rates between 70% – 80% and hoped that it would improve tremendously this academic year, to a status that could be ranked among the best in the country.

In appreciation to the performance of the Youth Development Group in the area, Nene Atsure Benta III said their effort in making sure that the school gets proper land documentation is well-noted and that he will do all that he can to assist in their improvement.

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