Emergence Of Militia Groups In Politics Risky – Pratt

Kwesi Pratt JnrMANAGING EDITOR of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has bemoaned what he says is the emergence of security forces and vigilante activities within Ghana’s body politic.

In Mr Pratt’s view, no political party should be allowed to have its own private security unless they are certified and recognized by law.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s news analysis programme ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’, the veteran journalist and social commentator said Ghana will be a chaotic place to live if the about 10 political parties are allowed to from their own security forces.

Mr Pratt’s comment follows a commotion that occurred at the New Patriotic Party’s headquarters in Accra within the week.

The attack was reportedly perpetuated by the party’s security, the invincible forces and Bolgatanga bulldogs.

As a result, a motorbike was burnt to ashes while the rear windscreen of party’s General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong’s Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle was cracked. Mr Pratt says this form of violence must and be condemned and discouraged from happening in Ghana’s politics.

“It is quite clear that the constitution of Ghana disallows the formation of private militias and the laws insist that even normal private security companies need to get clearance.

“Why have the security agencies allowed this situation to persist until now. The Bolgatanga bulldogs and the invincible forces”, he queried.

Mr Pratt says if even these groups have been registered, what process was used in registering them especially due to their distasteful history.

“Given their history over the past couple of months, shouldn’t the National Security agencies have moved in to ensure that what is lawful is done and what is unlawful is curbed?

“What are we waiting for before we react… are we waiting for a Rwandan situation before we react, are we waiting for the other political parties to establish their own militias and private security companies before we react”, he questioned. He said the decision to ignore what is going in the NPP because it is an internal problem is problematic and could be more catastrophic than imagined.

“If we don’t intervene today what if tomorrow elements of KNGWZ party also arm themselves and go and attack WBZ party, would we act then, what will be the moral authority to act then”.

He challenged the state to act immediately to end the ongoing violence in political parties and called on the security agencies to act.

“It is very frightening that something that should not be allowed to fester has been festering for too long”, he said.

Source: Myjoyonline.com


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