Corruption is endemic in our judiciary- Gbese Mantse

Nii Okaija III

GBESE MANTSE, Nii Okaija III, has expressed concern about what he described as the increasing corruption in the judiciary. His comment follows an earlier ruling by a High Court Judge, Adjei Wilson who ruled that Nii Okaija III should not hold himself as Gbese Mantse a few months ago.

The decision at the time paved way for former football administrator, Thomas Okine with the stool name Nii Ayi Bonte II, to hold himself as Gbese Manste. However, on Wednesday, November 28, the Supreme Court overturned the High Court ruling and reinstated Nii Okaija III as the Gbese Mantse.

Below is the full press statement:

On the 31st July 2012, this matter having been tactically adjourned many times until the last day of the legal year, a High Court Judge, Adjei Wilson ruled that Nii Okaija III should not hold himself as Gbese Mantse- effectively he illegally and uncustomary destooled Nii Okaija III as a chief when in fact, he has no legal power to do so. What was even stranger about this Ruling was that:

1. The Judge did not even hear the substantive matter of the case.

2. He did not take evidence in order to understand the issue before him.

All he heard was a preliminary objection that since the case before him is a chieftaincy matter; it should be heard by a Chieftaincy Tribunal, not by a High Court judge.

However, today Tuesday 27th November 2012, the Supreme Court in its wisdom has overturned that bad High Court Ruling thereby confirming Nii Okaija III as the legitimate Gbese Mantse and Adonten of the Ga State.

Clearly, this is an example of corruption in the judiciary. Indeed the judge as well as counsel for Thomas Okaine, Lawyer Adumoa – Bossman have been reported to the General Legal Council.

The pretender and his lawyer together with some prominent politicians are only interested in selling Ga lands. Their tactics have been to protract this chieftaincy case as long as possible in order to prevent, Nii Okaija III, Gbese Mantse and Adonten of the Ga State from bring them to book.

At last natural justice has been established by the Supreme Court.

Signed Personal Assistant to Nii Okaidja III, Naa Kokor


Born on 25th February 1964 in Accra, Ghana, and holds a Diploma in Journalism

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