Ashanti NDC Plot To Make Mahama Unpopular

GRAPEVINE INFORMATION trickling to the stables of your authoritative Ghanaian Observer from an impeccable source at the Flagstaff House hints of an intense move by some ‘high feathers’ at the presidency to ensure all current Ashanti Regional NDC Executives are wiped off the scene in the regional delegates elections.

One Doctor (name withheld), who works at the Flagstaff House, is alleged to have threatened to ‘hunt’ them down until all the current regional executives are made unpopular by their actions.

He is alleged to have promised to ensure funds are expended to make the Obimpeh led executives smell pepper and lose their positions in the upcoming Ashanti Regional NDC elections.

This move, our source disclosed, stems from the way and manner the current executives led by Yaw Obimpeh have conducted themselves in the Ashanti Region since late President Mills’ demise.

According to our sources, the current regional executives exacerbated their situation by allegedly ‘chopping’ a whopping 60,000 Ghana cedis which was earmarked to ferry people to the Baba Yara Stadium for Otumfuo’s recently held 15th year anniversary celebration.

The alleged siphoning of funds by some of the executives has landed them in trouble since their actions have revealed their plot to make the President and the Regional Minister, Dr. Samuel Sarpong, unpopular.

And this infamous scandal now called the ‘saga of the 60,000’ is what our source says has infuriated some persons close to the President to also plot their downfall in the upcoming regional and constituency elections, whose modalities and guidelines were released late Thursday afternoon at a hurriedly constituted NEC meeting in Accra.

The presidency, our source confirmed, is also aware of plans by the current crop of executives to sponsor and support persons to contest President Mahama when nominations are opened for the party’s flag-bearer contest.

They are alleged to be hatching a wild plot to ensure the President does not go unopposed in the upcoming national congress slated for later this year.

The current executives, according to our source at the Flagstaff house, are alleged to have reservations about the leadership style of President Mahama, who seems to scrutinize their modus operandi in the NPP stronghold of Ashanti as compared to the overbearing pampering they received from the late Prof. Mills.

The current executives are alleged to have had much access to the Presidency during the late Prof’s tenure as President contrary to what pertains now; and this the paper understands has caused their disaffection for the President and his current appointee as Regional Minister.

Information the paper has picked up lately indicates that the current crop of executives are bent on sponsoring candidates to contest anyone they suspect to be contesting with the President’s backing.
Source: Ghanaian Observer


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