‘ADJABENG WULU’ A Unity Concept for GaDangmes

NOYAA KOME foundation, a civil society organization, has designed a social concept dubbed ‘Adjabeng Wulu’ aimed at uniting all GaDangmes in the country and the diaspora.

According to Stanley S. S. Sackey, Co-ordinator of the Foundation, with the execution of the concept Wulu, the minds, talents and resources of the GaDangme people would be harnessed to its total development and very few people may desire to travel abroad to seek greener pastures. Among other objectives, the concept seeks to initiate discussions towards developing strategic methods to re-orient GaDangme youths and friends to refrain from bad habits and instead, imbibe positive attitudes.

“This,” he said, “would involve chiefs, opinion leaders and people to brainstorm on the consequence of disunity and the benefits of unity whilst creating awareness among the youth towards attainment of positive ways in life for themselves, their immediate communities and the nation at large,” he stressed.

Mr. Sackey emphasized that cultural values and the heritage of GaDangmes would be restored and sustained for the benefit of posterity.

To set the concept on course, an eight member planning committee has been put in place to ensure the implementation and realization of the projects.

Details of concept will be published in subsequent issues.

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