Adama Latse ejected from Ga Mantse Palace

Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, purported to have been installed as Ga Mantse after the "palace coup"
Nii Tackie Adama Latse II

AN ASAFO group from the Ga Mashie in the Ga state has forcefully ejected Nii Tackie Adama Latse II and his kinsmen from the Ga Mantse Palace at North Kaneshie in the Greater Accra region, Today has learnt.

Information available to Today indicates that the Asafo Group budged into the offices of the Ga Mantse palace a couple of weeks ago, and threw out Adama Latse and his kinsmen.

The group, a deep throat source at the palace told Today, consequently locked out the main traditional power house of the Gas.

It would be recalled that supporters and kinsmen of Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, whose chieftaincy is being disputed, on Friday, June 10, 2011 succeeded in seizing the Ga Mantse Palace.

The Ga Mantse palace, which until its seizure was occupied by the late King Tackie Tawiah II known in private life as Dr. Joe Blankson, Today learnt, was taken over on the said Friday before the installation of Nii Adama Latse on Sunday, June 12, 2011.

The embattled Adama Latse was subsequently enstooled by some kingmakers including the principal kingmaker of the Asene Gyasehene of Ga State, Nii Amarkai III.

However, a highly placed source close to the Ga Paramount Royal Stool disclosed to Today on Friday, April 24, 2015 that the obviously angry Asafo Group moved in to lock out the traditional power house after the final ruling by the Judicial Committee of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs (GARHCs), which disclaimed Nii Adama Latse as the Ga Mantse.

The move by the Asafo Group to force Adama Latse II and his kinsmen from the palace, the sources told Today, was done with the full support of the leadership of the Ga Traditional Council, Ga Paramount Royal Stool Dzaase and Ga Dangbe Council of Wulomoi.

The sources intimated that a search by Nii Agyemang Kese II on August 21, 2014 at the Registrar at the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs at Dodowa, Ga Paramount Stool Dzaase Tunma We of Abola-Accra requested to know whether the GARHCs had approved Nii Tackie Adama Latse II as the Ga Mantse. But in their report, Today uncovered that the GARHCs did not recognise Nii Adama Latse II as the substantive Ga Mantse.

Today was told that, the official search report also revealed that the name Nii Adama Latse II did not appear in the national Registrar of Chiefs.

Meanwhile, Today can report that a possible bloodshed is imminent as supporters of Adama Latse II were preparing to march to the Kaneshie palace to take back what they described as their “rightful place.”
Source: Today Newspaper


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