ACCRA LANDS DEPLETED – Ga Farmlands To Turn Residential In 5 Yrs.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – He played a leading role in protecting Accra farmlands

SOURCES AT THE Ghana Institute of Surveyors as well as the Lands Commission indicates that in the next five years, there would virtually be no lands available for sale to individuals, unless the State makes a drastic effort at implementing land policy already existing in the law books of Ghana.

According to our sources,  who spoke on condition of anonymity, lands existing as State approved farmlands since Nkrumah’s regime have all turned residential without any reference to the laws or alternative arrangement geared at retaining some of such farmlands.

That means that very soon, Ga Traditional Councils will have to go begging to fund its administrative and cultural expenses, including allowances to Chiefs and Wulomei as well as funding the Homowo and other celebrations.

Statutory farmlands in Accra, Wojaku was told, include the area behind the Trade Fair up to the Motorway; Bortianor, Weija, Kokrobite, through Awoshie, Ablekuma to Pokuase. In the case of the Trade Fair, farmers have been threatened by land guards and driven home. The other areas sited and previously referred to as Rural Accra has now turned residential without any amendment to the laws.

Eastwards, the trend had continued to Madina, through Adenta, Fafraha, to Dodowa- which is now suffering the scourge of farm lands depletion.

It is on record that Weija ,Awoshie, Anyaa, Ablekuma up to Pokuase, Amasaman , Doblo  and outlying communities was a basket of vegetables, yams, plantain and cassava before the 1979 elections in which  Dr. Limann  won.  Today, it is almost overpopulated.

“Very soon, Accra will catch the Central and Eastern Region at Aburi and Nsawam and Kasoa and Bawjiase – with farmers, who form some 60% of the population kicked out of business through the activities of traditional rulers and their agents in politics and state Departments,” lamented a source (a surveyor) at the Surveys Department. “The sad story is that traditional rulers have been culpable in the serial rape of indigenous lands that have left millions of unborn indigenous Gas disinherited for life,” an official of the Lands Commission added.

“State housing initiatives that focus on vertical rather than horizontal development has been absent in the on-the-ground-housing policy of Governments, probably, apart from the Nkrumah administration,” one Wulomo in Accra stated, accusing Governments that have run the country in the last 30 years of precipitating the pillage.

According to him, Governments since Nkrumah have tended to use State force to acquire lands. As a result, the temptation is there also on them to use political force to annex some for personal use. This is what, he insisted, happened in the last 30years. “Since we cannot tell when any politician can come back to undo what a previous politician has done, all we were tempted to do  was manage it ourselves; but the mistake was that we should have allocated them first to families and invested the rest for the future,”

The unfortunate trend in the saga of land mismanagement on the part of traditional rulers is that there is still a dearth of traditional council initiatives in markets, schools, and health centers – which also meant zero investments in the future.

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