Nyanyo Nmai “The Punisher” Gets SWAG Award

Nyanyo Nmai – “The Punisher”

AFTER TAKING giant strides in the sport of kickboxing and leaping into limelight by annexing four world titles in the sport, Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai, this year received another feather in his cap with a SWAG award to crown his tireless efforts at popularizing kickboxing in the country.

The recognition, according to the kickboxer is a very good start for kickboxing and it would inspire other kick boxers to aim high and go for the ultimate.

Speaking to Wכjaku Sports in an exclusive interview, Nyanyo Nmai said his desire to spearhead the promotion of kickboxing in Ghana did receive a massive boost through the official recognition and subsequent reward by the Sports Writers Association of Ghana saying, “this would inspire the other boxers and make them realize that they are being watched and so would put in their maximum best and work hard to also gun for similar awards in the near future”.

The World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) President in Ghana leads a 9 member team to world championship on August 19 in Germany with renewed vigour and determination to do more than he had previously done to champion the popularization of the sport in Ghana.

Paying a glowing tribute to his father, Samuel Nyanyo Nmai a.k.a. Ataa Nmai, founder of Labadi Beach, and amateur boxer in Japan the Team Ghana captain said “I’m following the footsteps of my father who is my source of inspiration and I hope he would be proud wherever he is now and his soul would be at peace”.

Last year, Mr. Nyanyo Nmai excelled at the world kickboxing championship in Scotland where he won a bronze medal.

Team Ghana is training earnestly to compete at the World Kickboxing Championships 2011 in Karlsruhe,  Germany which is scheduled to take place from 21st – 28th August 2011. Disciplines to be participated in include Karate, Light-contact, Point-fighting, Forms, Kick- and Thai-Boxing, Grappling and MMA featuring approximately 2000 fighters.

Feeling highly elated, Mr. Nmai promised very good results for Ghanaians from the competition saying “this award is a very good start for kickboxing…and each boxer is training very hard to pick a medal at  the next  world championship we would be participating in. As for me, I’m very training hard to win a gold medal so that I can be part of the next SWAG awards”.


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