We Want our lands back – Nuumo Nmashie family to Lands Commission

THE LANDS Commission has been issued a 3-day ultimatum to plot all lands belonging to the Nuumo Nmashie family of the Greater Accra Region in line with a 2001 Supreme Court ruling.

The ultimatum was issued by the Property Secretariat of the Nuumo Nmashie families of Teshie, La and Osu at a press conference held on Saturday, 15 September 2018.

In his address, Dr. Anko Ankrah, chairman of the Property Secretariat of the Nuumo Nmashie family said the family cannot continue to sit aloof as their lands get repossessed.

According to the leadership of the family, the Lands Commission has acted in bad faith by failing to plot lands belonging to the family in about 72 towns and communities in the Greater Accra Region. He insisted that the siuation has led to encroachment on Nuumo Nmashie family lands to the detriment of family members.

The family gave the Lands Commission up to Monday, 17 September 2018 fulfil its obligation by plotting their lands as directed by the Supreme Court.


Below is a press statement issued after the news conference.


It is rather unfortunate that at this material moment that Ghana touts itself of basking in the rule of law and good governance, we have to get to a point where institutions rather disregard law and order and natural justice. The Nuumo Nmashie Family through various legal suits, in Civil appeal no 49/80 (15th December, 1982) and Supreme Court ruling no: 4 /14, 2005 affirmed the ownership of the 72 towns and villages for the Nuumo Nmashie Family.

Similarly the court in an order of Mandamus no “Miso. 1323/2001 ordered the lands commission to plot the family land. The commission and its officials were convicted of contempt in suit no: MISC: 1323/2001 for their refusal to carry the orders of the court. In spite of all these, the lands commission has blatantly refused to let Justice prevail. Instead, they have collided with people to take our lands. The security agencies have connived with land guards and individuals to take our lands and mete injustice to us.

Some of our family members have been shot and others arrested, with incidence occurring on the 25th of February, 2018. My own land of 1500 acres which was supposed to be used for the largest dairy factory in Africa after South Africa has been encroached due to lands commission’s negligence.

We hold the electoral fortunes of every government, and as you are aware, Greater Accra is the deciding region in our political discourse. We own 72 towns and villages, and that means we control more than 70% of Greater Accra voting population.

All we are asking the government to do is to ensure that the lands commission plots our land for us, otherwise, we assure them that their guess is as good as ours.


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