Osu Inaugurates Mansaamo Kpee

SOME YOUTH and concerned citizens of Osu have officially inaugurated a committee that will ensure growth and development within the Osu township.
The committee, ”Osu Mansaamo Kpee”, is furthermore aimed at eliminating poverty by enhancing sanitation, health and education in the community and its environs.
Formed on Monday, February 13, 2012, the ”Osu Mansaamo Kpee” is geared towards promoting and preserving the socio-cultural heritage and dignity of the people of Osu by monitoring and supporting the social, cultural and productive activities for the well-being of its people.
Another major objective of the development committee is to promote peace, love and unity among the people of Osu across the four quarters and to link up to all GaDangmes in the diaspora.
At a gathering to officially launch the committee at the Osu Salem Park in Accra, the special guest for the occasion, Nii Isaac Brown, reiterated the need to resurrect the dying Ga language, by organizing annual inter-school Ga quiz within the Ga communities, with attractive prize packages that will drive the desire of the young ones to master the language.
He also called on academic leaders in the country to ensure that the Ga language is taught at all levels of education in Accra.
Domestic conflict resolution groups to solve domestic misunderstandings, training the youth in various vocational and technical fields and education sponsorship for ‘Brilliant but Needy’ students are some of the steps to be taken to revive and reduce poverty in Osu.

GaDangme chiefs from Pampram, Ada, and Ningo have made lands available for farming to train and equip the youth who are interested in agriculture. Adult education for the elderly and the school dropouts is also to be considered for the citizenry.
In the area of sanitation, the ”Osu Mansaamo Kpee” intends to organize voluntary sanitary clubs and equip them to constantly clean the communities.
In this direction, the Metro Chairman of the Osu Clottey Sub-metropolitan Assembly, Mohammed Norgan, urged the people to register with contracted sanitary workers in their communities to collect their refuse rather than paying truck pushers who will pick refuse from one’s doorsteps and dump them behind the next window.
Citing the resent cholera outbreak in Accra that claimed four lives in Osu as an example, Mohammed Norgan says, improper sanitation has rendered the community vulnerable to diseases, and called on all to regularly wash their hands with soap and use the treated mosquito nets.
On his part, Asafoatse Kofi Djata, an Asafoatse of Osu, expresses worry about how parents disregard teachers in the upbringing of their children and as such do not encourage their children in any way to take education seriously.
He stated that the growth and development of a nation depends on the education of its people
and encouraged the youth to also create jobs for themselves through the exploration of their talents.
The twenty-nine member committee has seven executives with Erasmus Nii Odartey Xerton as chairman, Samuel Nii Adukwei – the vice-chairman, Suzan Lamptey, Secretary and Robert Attey as Assistant Secretary.

Others are, Kelvin Sonne – Financial Secretary, Rev. Ruby Lartey – Treasurer and Samuel Quarshie –Organizer.
Naa Shomey Nortey of Obono Fm in Accra encouraged the members of the development committee to be selfless and focus on what they can give to the community and not what the community can give to them.
She also reiterated on the need to revive the dying Ga language and called on GaDangmes in the diaspora especially, to take join in the efforts of the development committee to bring a better future for the people of Osu and the country at large.

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