Light Fishing Causes Havoc – Teye Agbosu

THE CHIEF FISHERMAN of Mangotsonaa, Mr. Teye Agbosu has regretted the recalcitrant behaviour of some of the fishermen who rely on their parochial interest more than seeking the welfare of others.

He said though the Government has put measures to stop those fishermen, who felt they could earn their living through illegal means by way of pair trawling (light fishing), there are yet many more that are in the business causing great harm to others.

According to him the fishermen who are from the Western Region operate through Awhiam to Lekpogunor West District and who offload their catch in either of the communities.

Mr. Agbosu said Mangotsonya, a suburb of Accra like any other community in the coastal area, has fishing as their only source of income and life becomes unmeaningful when the venture fails.

He said; “We depend on fishing to care for our children at school and look after our wives and if there is anything we could do in terms of money all relied on this same venture”.

He said lack of income generating activities has led many of the inhabitants to abandon the community to other towns in search of greener pastures, adding that when the habit of light fishing ceases, the situation will normalize.

“We get fish when they stop for sometime and life changes, but when they start we incur expenses for nothing,” he stressed.

Calling on the government to intervene and save the situation he said “We would be happy if the Government should extend its watch over to our areas to save us from those few selfish fishermen”.

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