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GAS ARE JEWS. That is true, if one have studied the history of migration, Africa culture, linguistics and tradition. That is aside of oral tradition supporting Gas having migrated from a black Jewish community in Israel.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of hearing a prominent evangelist affirm that fact. He was, however, worried that in spite of the lead Gas took in academia, sports and business, that is aside of the fact of the abundance of their natural resources, including forest cover  and delectable beach fronts rich in slat, shell fishes – and lately oil, in the case of Keta and surrounding communities.

Significantly, it took only some thirty years for the Gas to retrogress – even whilst the rest of the communities in the country were developing internally and externally – which is heavily investing in their children’s education and creating viable and resilient local communities. Prominent among such States were the Kwahus, Ashantis and communities in the Central Region.

The GaDangmes shared the lower rung of lack of development together with the Northerners and their brothers and sisters in the Volta Region. Up till today, the disease afflicting Gas appear to be the dame decease affecting Volta Region and Northern Region,

Back to topic:  Are Gas Jews?

Yes, So what?

I say ‘so what’ because Jews have a history of strength of character and a natural survival instinct.  Since the learned from the Torah and the Book of the Prophets that The Lord our God is One God, and that thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart; with all thy soul and with all thy mind AND love thy neighbour as thyself, they had never reneged on their religion and culture of moving together brother with brother – under God. 

Yes, the Borketey Lawehs and the Sowah Ghorbilos were leaders ready to die for their respective nations and states. Laweh led the Nunguas and Sowah led the La People in a spirit of oneness and unity – as spiritual father receiving spiritual direction – whether they were going to war or apportioning land to the various clans.

In the true Old Testament spirit where God commanded the Jews to make sure each clan fought alongside the others in settling on conquered lands,  Borkety Laweh as the General who led the whole Ga  States to their present location  and ensured that La, Nungua  and Ga Mashie settled peacefully in founding separate States as brothers and sisters. That generation of leaders was never selfish or inward looking.

The evangelist, Brother Enoch Agbozo, speaking the mind of God said God intended Gas – as the Benjamites of Ghana because they were in a minority to remember their history and retain their blessings.

When some of us were growing up, the leading lawyers, judges, military officers, police personnel and civil service bosses were Gas. So were doctors, sportsmen and the rest. I recount that at some point at KNUST; most of the leading lectures were Gas.

Excuse me if I seem inward looking. We are only reminding ourselves that somehow, we failed our younger generation – through greed, much against the religion and culture that we inherited as Jews. How did we fail our people? Read Nuumo Sisabi in the next edition.

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