Ga Priests Reject GMO Maize For Homowo

PRIESTS OF the Ga people are angered at the proposed introduction of GMO maize seeds to the people and farmers of the Ga-Adangbe.

Sakumo Wolomo, Chief Priest of the Ga-Adangbe, stated, “GMO maize produced in the laboratory is different from the indigenous maize bred and propagated by local farmers for more than a century.”

The anger comes from the prospect of the Ga-Adangbe farmers being forced to buy seeds from Monsanto every year before they celebrate Homowo because GMO maize is not natural. “How can we hoot at hunger when we have to beg a foreigner for seeds in order to feed and prevent the famine that once plagued our people,” questioned Chief Priest Sakumo Wolomo.

Homowo, which literally means ‘hooting at hunger,’ is a festival celebrated by the Ga during which kpokpoi is served. Kpokpoi is a special dish made of maize that is served to the gods before anyone else may eat it. The festival is an expression of gratitude to the gods for bringing better harvests to the people of the Ga area.

The Ga priests are concerned about the gods rejecting the sacrifice of Kpokpoi made with GMO corn because the gods may view the GMO corn as “impure.”

They are also worried about the potential negative health effects of the GMO maize on the Ga people.

The Ga priests believe the government should look into the production of natural and organic varieties before depending on GMO maize due to the possibility of contamination of the GMO maize to the organic maize.

The Ga priests, led by the Sakumo Wolomo, have, therefore, called for a moratorium of all GMO cultivation in Ghana.

Source: Public Agenda


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