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The Wכjaku newspaper is a Project instituted by Wojaku Literary Ventures (W-Live) to educate and inform the GaDangme ethnic communities through a dynamic media campaign for the Survival, Protection and Development of the GaDangme people and its interests.

Why Wojaku

A number of factors have been identified as the bane of the development of the GaDangme ethnic tribes into a unique State. The two major ones that motivated the establishment of the Wכjaku newspaper are:

 (a)  The distortion of the GaDangme history and story largely by non-indigenes who tend to manipulate, adulterate and misrepresent the real facts and issues to the detriment of the GaDangme people, and

 (b)  The capitalization of Accra as the hub of government, the rapid urbanization of Accra, Tema and its environs, and the on-going transformation of the Greater Accra region into a cosmopolitan city continue to bring with it related and/or attendant problems which primarily continue to affect the indigenous ethnic tribes, and in this case the GaDangmes.


In summary, the problems that has and continue to affect the GaDangmes include:

 (a)  Distortion or misrepresentation of GaDangme history

 (b)  Loss of land (both for economic purposes and habitation)

(c)  Damage to Cultural Heritage

(d)  Adulteration of language

(e)  Impoverishment of the indigenous GaDangme community

(f)   Failure of some GaDangme chieftaincy regimes

(g)  Negligence by the GaDangme youth through ignorance


As part of its contribution in addressing the above-mentioned problems, the guiding principle for the publication of the Wכjakunewspaper and news online shall be to:

Launch a vigorous media campaign for the protection and sustenance of the GaDangme people by defining the level of their predicament and bringing to the fore, issues pertaining to their development as an endangered people in relation to governance in Ghana.

 Wojaku Literary Ventures



Wojaku Literary Ventures (W-Live) is a private media organisation originally conceived as the NewsHawkers Club in March 2004. Its focus was re-aligned in May 2008 and finally established in February 2011 for the promotion of the GaDangme State. The newspaper was officially launched on Thursday, 16th June 2011 at the Nativity Presbyterian Church, La-Accra, Ghana


 Wכjaku is registered with the National Media Commission (NMC) as a mainstream newspaper of the Wojaku Literary Ventures. It was registered in May 2011 as a community-based newspaper. Publication was commenced in June 2011.

 Registration Number: NMC/C.I. 39/11/1434

 Area(s) of Operation

W-Live seek to occupy a unique position in the Ghanaian media and literary industry and its primary responsibility is to provide an independent and objective news service for the GaDangme State. 

It shall also seek to publish films and documentaries that will tend to reveal and promote the true identity and cultural heritage of the GaDangme State, bringing to the fore the plight of the GaDangme State and its people.

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